Working For Postmates

Working For Postmates – A Personal Story How Postmates Saved My Life

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Working For Postmates

Working for Postmates has been a wonderful experience for me and I love everything about the job. I think one of the things that majority of the working class citizen dislike is waking up early in the morning to go to work. There are of course a handful of people that enjoy their jobs (and I’m currently in that position) but a good 80% of the working class people working at their jobs, are there simply to pay the bills and feed their family. Working for Postmates has changed the way many people work. It’s not every day that someone can wake up and decide not to go to work (without some form of punishment), or decide that they want to work overtime and get paid for it. Below is my personal story and journey becoming a Postmates courier.

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Working For Postmates – Short Story

At the time I was currently working for FreshDirect a grocery delivery company in New York City. My co-workers were cool for the most part and my supervisors were awesome, they’ve always understood me and the other workers as well. I think its one of the traits I love most about FreshDirect it was as if everyone was friends and family. However, when it comes down to actually working some of my co-workers were not as motivated as I was to get the job done. Not to take anything away from them but they wanted to make sure they achieved their 7-8 hours of work that day. Me, I just wanted to do the job as quick as possible and go home (I had very little obligations). Postmates first came up when the driver of the truck mentioned trying it out. I did not know what Postmates was at the time but he said it was delivering things on a bike. That day and that conversation was the first seed to becoming a Postmates courier.

After a while, my job started getting tiring especially when I had to drop out of college for the semester to meet the demands of my job. I wasn’t one of those students that could balance the two, but in my defense, this was a very physical job. Delivering heavy boxes of groceries to customers wasn’t always a picnic. I will give you an example of a situation that just completely drained me. 

Working For Postmates
FreshDirect was a previous employer of mine.

A customer ordered a lot of items about 6-7 box full. She lived on the 6th floor. About four of those boxes weren’t actual boxes. They were heavy crates of gallon waters (6 gallons in one crate). I walked up to the 6th floor about 3 times just to place the water in front of her door. The customer finally comes out and tells me she wanted the boxes left downstairs because the order wasn’t actually for her. It was for her neighbor. So guess what I had to do? I had to make 3-4 more trips back upstairs just to bring the water & boxes down and that, my friend, was only 1 delivery out of 40+ deliveries average a day. To add to my stress level was the fact that I lived in Staten Island and it took 2 hrs and 30 minutes one way to get to work. I would have to get up at 2 o clock in the morning just to catch the Ferry, take 2 trains and walk 15 minutes to get to work. I had very little time to myself which was probably the most annoying thing about all of this.


Working For Postmates – New beginnings

Continuing on with the story, so needless to say I was drained, I was stress because I had to drop out of school and the pay did not match the amount of work I was doing. My supervisor and co-workers knew that I was going to quit sooner or later and that’s what I ended up doing.  I quit my job and I rented a place out in DC to stay and went out to sign up for Postmates. The way I figured it if I could make part-time earnings that would be enough for me to do what I wanted to do. I went through the Postmates orientation and got my Pex card and Postmates hot/cold bag and was activated to do deliveries the same day (because I fulfilled all of their requirements ahead of time. I have my Pex card in hand and my courier app activated. I was somewhere in DC (At the time I was new to DC. I forgot to tell you that I only moved to DC because one of the schools I wanted to attend was in DC) and I sat down waiting. Even after the Postmates instructor gave us the walk-through I was still a little lost on what exactly I was supposed to do. I finally started getting orders it took about 10 minutes, this was early in the morning around 8-9am. My performance was a little rocky but I soon picked up my performance real fast and besides that, I had previous customer service skills so there were no excuses.

Working For Postmates
Working For Postmates in DC

Postmates was so awesome to me because I got to meet a lot of new people, see a lot of new faces, I got to work when I wanted to work, meet my daily quota that I set for myself and it was generally a fun job. I was actually looking forward to getting up and making deliveries and talking with other Postmates couriers. In my opinion, it was a cool thing to do. I was doing Postmates as my only job at the time, only working part time thus earning part time pay which was cool for me. When I wasn’t doing Postmates I was working on my website ventures. I am a big website business enthusiast. I love creating websites that visitors enjoy and websites that ultimately makes money in one form or another, it’s just something that I’m good at. So for around 5-6 months, this is what I was doing, working for Postmates and working on my websites.

Working For Postmates …I get It

Finally, my website venture took off for the better. I was receiving a lot of visitors that loved my idea and signed up to the website I created. I make close to $150-$200 a day with my websites right now. Creating websites was something I always set out to do and working for Postmates allowed me to achieve my dream in doing that. I have a special appreciation for Postmates as a company and Postmates couriers that choose to be free from working 9-5 jobs. I hope to never work another 9-5 job again. It’s strange because even though I’m doing what I love now, I still choose to do Postmates because it’s fun. I remember watching “Homeboy Jermaine” on Youtube and thinking how awesome it must feel to work when you like. I remember one Postmates courier mentioning (and we verified that he wasn’t lying) how he was doing Postmates in a Lamborghini! So a lot of us (couriers) asked why? He simply said, “Because It’s Cool!” There was another story where this kid tried to get hired at a Silicon Valley company while delivering cupcakes wearing a Postmates shirt. It was sort of like this stylish trendy thing to do. I didn’t understand all those guys at first but now…I get it.

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