Why did my direct deposit verification fail?

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If your bank account verification was unsuccessful, you’ll see an alert in your online Dashboard. There are a few scenarios that can cause this:

Non-transactional Bank Account

Postmates does not support non-transactional bank accounts. These do not allow money to be credited. We must be able to credit money into your account in order to deposit your earnings.

Bank Account Typo

Typos in your account and routing numbers can cause the bank verification process to fail. Double check that your account information and carefully re-enter it. If you are not sure what your account and routing numbers are, you’ll need to contact your bank.

Bank Verification Canceled

If you click Cancel Verification after entering your bank account information, the verification process will be canceled. To restart the verification process, you’ll need to re-enter your bank account information.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Only one bank account can be linked to your Postmates Account. Postmates do not support the ability to send earnings to multiple bank accounts.