Which Vehicle Gets The Most Request?

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Getting Delivery Request

  If you have a car you will more than likely get quicker requests from Postmates than if you have a bike or you are a walker. The reason for that is obviously a car you can go short distances or long distances faster than any other vehicle of choice. With a car, you can take on a heavier load as well. How many requests you get also depends on if you are in the red zones/hotspots or not.  You will also face more difficult issues that bike riders and walkers will not face. One of these issues is traffic. If you are working in a busy city like New York or Washington DC you are bound to get caught up in traffic every now and again. Bike riders can squeeze through spaces and on the road and can even ride on the sidewalk or pass a red light (depending on your state laws). Walkers have very little to no traffic to worry about unless they are walking on a street in Times Square area but even that doesn’t hinder their performance. The other issue drivers in a car face are parking and worrying about getting a ticket for illegal parking or blocking the road causing traffic. getting delivery requests

I’ve also heard Bikers get request pretty often and walkers. I myself (as a walker) get 2-3 delivery request in an hour time while being in the red zones. It really depends on where you are located, the city and whether or not you are in a red zone. Overall if you are driving you will probably get more request because Postmates can send you further out to make a delivery.