Postmates robot delivery service

Postmates Robot Delivery Service – Will This Affect The Loyal Couriers?

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Postmates Robot Delivery Service

Postmates robot delivery service, are we ready for this yet? The idea of a robot delivery service is not a new concept. Many companies including Fedex and UPS played with the idea of using drones to deliver packages to customers. Postmates is one of the few companies that wasted very little time with the “idea” of delivery robots and instead took action on this idea. Virginia and Washington DC is one of the first states to actually see robots making deliveries.

Postmates Robot Delivery Service – What You Should Know About These Robots

Postmates Robot Delivery Service          Postmates robot delivery service

Postmates has teamed up with Starship Technologies to make the idea of robot delivery a reality.  The robots are in testing phase as of now and will only be making shorter deliveries, usually within a 1-mile radius. The robot travels at speeds up to 4 miles per hour and can ride smoothly over most surfaces, though it sometimes gets tangled up by roots from the ground. This robot is made for riding on the sidewalk alongside pedestrians and is about the size of a large dog. It has 9 cameras and technologies that can detect any obstacle in its way whether that be oncoming joggers, dogs, children or the inattentive pedestrian. When the robot detects an obstacle, its inner mechanisms request that the robot stops until it has clearance. So, when the robot is among people it will travel at significantly slower speeds, however, if there isn’t an obstacle in its way it will carry out its maximum speed of 4 miles per hour.

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Postmates Robot Delivery – Why Use Robots?

Postmates Robot Delivery Service
A dog stares strangely at a Postmates delivery robot

The incentive that Postmates robot delivery service offer customers are free deliveries. This is of course for shorter deliveries and only if you live within the proximity of certain zones. Also, customers do not have to worry about a terrible customer service experience. Customers do not have to deal with a variety of attitudes and multiple personalities. I can tell you from my experience when I’ve done a delivery in Washington DC. I went to the delivery address only to find out when I got there, that I forgot the minor but major detail. There was a difference between west and east side (or was it north and south?). Already having wasted almost an hour to get to the wrong side, I had to re-travel (walking) to the correct side of town which took another hour. The customer was disappointed. Besides having sore feet from speed walking to make up for time lost, I also received a negative rating, it happens. But who knows, technology isn’t always perfect and my story may happen to a robot when it gets a bug within its system. Maybe not.

Postmates Robot Delivery – Will This Affect The Couriers?

Postmates Robot Delivery Service Postmates Robot Delivery Service   

Postmates robot delivery service WILL affect the Postmates courier, but it won’t affect all of them. The robots are not designed to go far distances. Postmates stated that these robots will be used for closer deliveries within the 1-mile radius. The robots will likely and ONLY affect Postmates couriers that are WALKERS. The walking couriers also walk within a 1-mile radius and the delivery robot will definitely compete against them. Because both are traveling around the same distance more robot request will mean less delivery request coming to the walkers. Keep in mind, though, that right now there are only 20 robots in DC. These robots cannot take all the delivery request without increasing the number of robots roaming the sidewalks and that is something I just do not see happening. In any one zone, you can expect 4-5 delivery request per hour. There aren’t enough robots to handle all of the delivery requests. However, like I said the courier will experience fewer requests than normal. Postmates delivery robots will not likely affect bike couriers and especially not the drivers that travel beyond the 1-mile radius.

Postmates Robot Delivery – Will This Be A National Norm?

I would answer this, but the way technology is setup (I’m taking a page from Kevin Hart) who knows? Technology is booming within all areas of human and non-human life. There’s peapod technology for students to sleep in, we have 3D printers and virtual reality and soon self-driving cars. There are technologies that are being tested now, which will allow people to control what they want to click on the internet, using only their brain. Delivery robots are not a new concept as I’ve stated before. Giant companies like Amazon, Google, DHS, Fedex, and UPS played with the ideas of using drones. Postmates robot delivery service is just the first to put these robots to actual testing. I imagine the world will soon like like a scene from iRobot, which creeps me out a little.

I hope this helped!

Posmates Robot Delivery Service
A scene from the movie “IROBOT”