postmates review nyc

Postmates Review NYC

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*This review is mainly for Postmates couriers


Postmates Review NYC

 Postmates review NYC – If you don’t know what Postmates is, it’s basically an app that allows users to purchase items (food, electronics, important document etc) and have it delivered within 1 hour. Postmates couriers go through the whole sign up process explained here and ta dah they are now a Postmates courier. Postmates in NYC is great for several reasons. I would say one it provides a majority of people that apply a new source of income. Let’s say you just lost your job and looking for a new one you don’t have to be “between jobs” sort of speak. You can make part-time/full-time income with Postmates. That is of course from the courier’s end. From the perspective of customers obviously, this is great news. New York City is a major delivery type of city. You have cmpanies that deliver groceries to your door, you have companies that allow documents to be delivered, breakfast delivery, coffee delivery, even Laundry delivery. It only makes since for Postmates to exist. The thing I would say sets Postmates apart from many other companies is the fact that Postmates allow customers to literally have anything delivered as long as a Postmates Courier is willing to deliver it (with exceptions). As far as couriers go NYC is a major city far as spending and delivery services and high spenders so you will definitely get more delivery request than other cities that are rather smaller. Below I will just share with you the pros and cons of being a Postmates courier in NYC, this is my Postmates Review NYC.


Postmates Review NYC – Pros

Postmates Review NYC

  • Busy – a Big city with a lot of activity and spending. NYC is probably one of the most active city as far as spending money. So you can expect a lot of requests. Of course, there will be down times but that’s usual with any business.
  • Known For Deliveries– NYC is known for its delivery services from grocery to laundry to documents. 
  • Location Option – NYC market is huge, think about it. Within the city itself, you have the 5 boroughs all actively with businesses and everyday people that like to use Postmates. SO if one area is slow you can simply go to another area. For example, if I am in Midtown Manhattan and it feels slow, I could move to the Upper West side of Manhattan or the Upper East Side, or Downtown or go to Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn even Long Island. 
  • Transportation – Unlike most other cities there is a train or a bus stop almost on every street corner in NYC. Postmates Couriers take advantage of that especially “Walkers” because instead of walking to one location they can simply take the train or bus if they have an unlimited pass. This makes your job that much easier (I actually encourage you to learn the subway and bus system in NYC). 

Postmates Review NYC – Cons

Postmates Review NYC

There isn’t too many terrible things in my Postmates review NYC, but there are a few

  • Distance – I’ve personally done and known individuals who walked past their 15 blocks radius that Postmates is supposed to monitor. One Postmates courier walked from 34th street to like 10thst in the rain for the basic $4.40 payout. That can be deterring at times. It happens to bikers as well. You can be stationed in Manhatttan and your delivery will be to Queens. So be careful.
  • Parking – Parking anywhere can be a disaster but in NYC it is a freaking nightmare sometimes especially in Manhattan (where you want to be because its so busy). Traffic cops are much slicker in NYC so be very careful how you park, even if it takes you 2 minutes you should always have the idea in your head that they are watching you, because you may see that orange ticket on your windshield.
  • Tips (sometimes) – Tipping has always been an issue in NYC (especially Manhattan. Queens & Brooklyn are more generous). Sometimes you will get many Pending tips or quite a few very low tippers. Other times you get the very generous tips. I will say that the $20 tips are more present in NYC than in other states. So Im not sure If I should really put this as a con. As a delivery truck driver once I saw the same pattern of tips sooo…yeah.

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Postmates Review NYC – Video