Postmates Rating System

Postmates Rating System

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Postmates Rating System

I’m pretty sure if you have ever been around a Postmates courier you will hear them talk about their rating or the phrase “Postmates rating” will be brought up. Postmates rate you on a number of things when you are making your deliveries. In this blog, I am going to explain how Postmates rate and whether or not your Postmates rating even matters. As always I hope this post helps you.


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Postmates Rating System

Why Is Postmates Rating System Important?

The Postmates rating system is important because it speaks to you as a courier and how well you are doing the job. It benefits both the company and you as customers are shown your rating. With a lower rating customers may be skeptical when you deliver their orders double checking everything and making sure you didn’t leave anything out. This sort of leaves you uncomfortable because you are being treated as an irresponsible person but then again the ratings are there for a reason (in most cases). The Postmates rating system also gives you the sense of accomplishment and the “feel good” you deserve when you are doing your job well. When customers have all rated you a 5 star, for example, you become motivated to stay a 5-star courier and even if you are not many couriers aim to get that 5-star rating. It’s sort of like a video game theory you want to reach that high score and not drop levels.

Most important, the Postmates rating system is important because your very job depends on it. If you are not meeting Postmates required 4.7 rating and above you are at high risk of getting booted from its app which ultimately means you have to join another economy sharing gig or find a boring 9-5 job. I talked about a young lady getting permanently banned from Postmates because she had a 4.3 rating ( Postmates Account Suspended). So yeah your Postmates rating is indeed important.


Postmates Rating System 

Postmates Rating System – Weekly

Your weekly Postmates rating consists of how many deliveries you have completed and the rating your customers have rated you. This rating also takes into consideration the amount of time it has taken you to do the delivery and any complaints from the customers you’re received such as (missing items you may have forgotten or utensils). That is the bulk of your weekly ratings. There will also be information that benefits you such as how much money you have earned from the commission and how much tips you have earned that week and the miles traveled. Your weekly rating is important but not as important as your overall rating.


Postmates Rating System – Overall Rating

Your overall rating is the most important rating that determines whether or not you can continue to work as an independent contractor courier with Postmates. The rating process is pretty much the same as the weekly rating but it combines all of the delivery experiences that customers have had with you and have rated you. You must keep a 4.7 rating and above. Once you slip even to a 4.6 rating Postmates consider that as unsatisfactory and will give you a warning (sometimes not) to boost your ratings. After 1-2 weeks they view your ratings once again and if it has not improved then you receive your pink slip from them. If you have improved then you are off the hook. Try to always do a great job with customer satisfaction so you won’t be put in the situation of having to improve anything although, and i don’t want to contradict myself, but there is always room for improvement.