postmates orientation

Postmates Orientation

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Postmates Orientation


So a lot of people are thinking about joining Postmates and are wondering about Postmates orientation. I will break down what usually goes on in a Postmates orientation and this is usually the same across the board it really doesn’t matter what market you are in. Whether you are in the NYC market or Chicago market Postmates pretty much keeps the process the same with little variations depending on some locations. For example, some locations will mail you the pex card and hot/cold bag but everything else is pretty much the same.

Postmates Orientation – Overview

postmates orientation

So I’m going to try and be direct as possible so you know what to expect at a Postmates orientation. When you arrive at the location you will see a bunch of other people (not many usually around 10-15) waiting in the lobby of the designated waiting area. You do not need to dress in slacks and a button up unless that is your typical fashion statement. Don’t come to the orientation with a suit and tie because you will be laughed at…by me if not anyone else. Its’s Postmates, you are not applying for an executive position. With saying that please do not come into the orientation unkept either. 

Continuing…you will be instructed to take a seat until they are ready for the scheduled orientation session. When they are ready you will be instructed to get in line where one of the staff members check your name to make sure you were scheduled for the orientation. You will get your picture taken (I’m a hat wearing kinda guy so for other hat wearers out there you may not be required to take off your hat) and they will hand you a Postmates Pex card and then you head into a room where there is a table with chairs. Take a seat and wait until the others have been processed. The staff will explain the entire process to you including the hotspots in your area, vehicle selection, the pay structure, and a few minor delivery etiquette and customer tips. You will then be asked you activate your account right then and there in the room. Some people may be able to activate their account then and there and others may not due to the pending outcome of a background check. I was able to leave the office with my account activated and ready to do deliveries the moment I stepped out. On your way out you will be given a Postmates hot/cold bag and that is the end of your Postmates orientation, my friend. The entire process takes about 30-45 minutes real quick, in and out, boom, you are done. Congrats fellow courier!

Postmates Orientation – App Video

You will get a similar step by step walk through of the Postmates Fleet app in your Postmates orientation as in this video below. Check it out!



Postmates Orientation – Age Requirements

postmates age requirements

Postmates age requirement is pretty much like any other job, you have to be 18 years and older with a valid id. Of course, this is not something the staff member goes over because if you made it to orientation then obviously you already knew the age requirement when you filled out the application. So yeah 18 years and older, don’t try to be slick and lie because you will get caught during that background check. 


Postmates Orientation – Driver Requirements

postmates orientation

Postmates orientation vaguely goes over driver requirements. there are 3 selection of vehicle to use from

  1. Car/Van/Truck/Motorcycle As long as you have a valid drivers license with a good driving history, you have no issues here. If your license is not perfect then it will determine if you are fit for the job on a case by case scenario. It doesn’t mean you cannot drive with Postmates but it also doesn’t mean you are accepted to drive for Postmates. Even if it is determined that you cannot drive for Postmates you can still become a courier using the proceeding driver options, just not a vehicle (cars etc.)
  2. Bike/Moped/Scooter – The driver requirement for this category is very minimal. All you need is a valid state id and be 18 years old and older. That’s it.
  3. Walk – The last option is becoming a walker. The only requirement is a very reliable, very strong set of legs lol. You will need it depending on how much walking you do. This option is only available in certain cities where it is quite busy. Even though the option may show on your app and you can choose the walker vehicle type, you chances are you will not get any delivery request.



Postmates Orientation – Pay Structure

Base pay

Your base pay varies from what type of vehicle you use + the distant you travel + the wait time it takes the order to be made.

During the Postmates orientation, the staff member will tell you about the pay structure but I thought to share it here as well. Your can count your total amount of deliveries (base pay) for the day. You will get that total amount in 4 days


Sometimes customers may not tip you right away. It may take them weeks before tipping you if at all. If the 4 days pass and you received your base pay already, you will receive the direct deposit for your tips separately. For example, if you have 3 pending tips on a Monday, that Friday you will get paid your base pay. If your tips are still pending you will receive a direct deposit for each individual tip. However, if the tips were made the same day as the delivery, you will receive that money with your base pay, on the 4th day. I’m pretty sure they will explain it to you a lot better than I just did because it is tricky.

More how Pay is calculated can be found here