Postmates Instant pay 2018

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Postmates is hands down the most greedy company I have ever seen. They get investments totaling over 250million plus what merchants pay plus what they make on fees and stiffing couriers out of tips. And they still claim to not make a profit. Maybe it is because of the two class action lawsuits brought agansit them. Or maybe they are just bad at accounting? This year is one about profit. Haha. Yeah that means they are going to get more greedy because in case you didnt know. THEY ALREADY MAKE PROFIT. They charge a ridiculous unfair price to customers for delivery and than on top of that, merchants pay for their service. And after all this millions talk, and talking about profit and this and that, they make it seem like they are broke or something. They make it seem as if they cant integrate Instant Pay onto their platform. Postmates is the ONLY platform not to get with the program.

Amazon flex, doordash, ubereats, and lyft all have a form of instant pay, a standard across these economy platforms. More and more postmates goes on the more they get suied. Because they don’t have instant pay. Stripe the company that does the processing and payments for postmates made it very clear that it was easy to integrate into their system, but even that doesn’t make postmates integrate. We all have gas, car insurence, wear and tear, tickets, and repairs to car to be made and postmates doesn’t pay for shit. The least they can do is make MY money available when I need it.