Postmates Courier Account

Postmates Courier Account

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Postmates Courier Account


When you decide to make that leap and become a Postmates courier one of your first steps is to fill out the online application and then proceed to schedule for the onboard orientation. Postmates orientation is where your Postmates courier account gets officially activated. This means you can start doing deliveries Yay! For some people, the background check may cause some delays and depend on your location different Postmates centers have a different way of doing things. For example, some Postmates centers will mail you your hot and cold bag with your Pex card after the orientation (some couriers Pex cards are now black so that’s another difference, it doesn’t mean anything just FYI). When I had my onboard orientation my Postmates courier account was completed and the staff sent us home with the hot and cold bag with the Pex card on our way out to the day. I thought this was great because everything was rather smooth.


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To login to your courier account simply visit

Postmates Courier Account – Dashboard


Postmates Courier Account
Postmates Courier Account Dashboard


The dashboard allows the Postmates courier to see how much money they have made. The “Last payout” is the amount of money Postmates had successfully sent to your bank account. The “Balance” represents all the money that has not been sent to your bank account just yet but will be wired to your account. You have to remember that you will be getting paid 4 days later after that specific day you worked. You should get a bank notification usually around the same time, always. “Total Deliveries” is a number of deliveries you have done since signing up with Postmates. Last, the “Total Payouts” is the total amount you have been paid (minus whatever is in your balance because you have not been paid that amount yet) since you’ve started working with Postmates, this includes weekend crushers and other bonuses that are offered.


Postmates Courier Account – Transfers

Postmates Courier Account
Postmates Courier Account Transfers


Postmates courier account transfers display your last 3 recent transactions. If you take a look at the screenshot where it saysPaidon the day of sending the payment it will usually showPending. You can navigate to the “All Transfers” tab to see all of your transfers. Most Postmates couriers use the recent transfers to track how much they have made in a weeks time. In this case, this person has made $67 (even) in 3 days.


Postmates Courier Account – Bank Transfer


Postmates Courier Account bank
Postmates Courier Account Bank Account


Postmates Courier Account – Bank Transfer is your personal bank information. This is the information that you use when you signed up with Postmates. This information must be accurate in order to get your earnings paid on time without hassle.

I hope this blog has helped the new Postmates courier and serve as a reminder to the existing Postmates couriers.

Postmates Courier Account Suspended

So I was walking to the Postmates office because I just lost my Pex card and wanted to do a delivery. The staff member was dealing with this young woman and I just happened to overhear their conversation on why her Postmates account was suspended. So she was one of the new couriers who didn’t even make it a month yet but she had 38 delivers completed. Her rating was a 4.3 I believe. She was pleading with the staff stating she’s new to this but the staff basically said it was out of his hands, that corporate makes all of those decisions. I actually felt bad for her. So yeah, one sure way to get your account permanently suspended is by delivering poor customer service or not getting the order correct or taking a long time. This will get you a low rating by the customer. Postmates decided to go with a rating score of 4.7 for its couriers to maintain. Anything below that and you will receive an email that your account is or will be suspended if you do not get your act together. You will be able to see your weekly rating and your overall rating through a weekly summary that Postmates headquarters send out to the couriers.

I have seen videos and photos of couriers damaging customers food on purpose so they can eat the rest of it. This is a sure-fire way to get your Postmates account suspended. Too many driving accidents will get your account suspended. Not delivering within that 1-hour window will get your account suspended. 

It’s pretty simple, read and understand the customer’s order. Get from the restaurant to the customers home as fast as possible without accident and be polite to the customers. If you follow this Postomates etiquette then you have nothing to worry about.