Postmates blitz multiplier

Postmates Blitz Multiplier

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Postmates Blitz Multiplier

 So if you haven’t notice recently Postmates has made a new change to the Postmates courier app. Postmates introduced the new ” Postmates Blitz Multiplier “. Well first off if you are new to Postmates (Welcome!) you should check out Blitz pricing to understand what “blitz” is. To explain it a little bit here, Blitz pricing is when Postmates is experiencing high volumes of delivery request during peak hours. Postmates decided because of the high volume delivery request it will charge the customers a little bit more during these hours. Blitz pricing increases the pay of the courier as well. The peak hours are usually during lunch and dinner times when people are out from school or just got off from work.  Below I will explain the difference between the old Postmates blitz multiplier system and the new improved system.

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Postmates Blitz Multiplier – Old System

In the old system when Postmates blitz multipler was in effect, you will get a notification on the app prior to doing a delivery. Once the courier accepts a delivery during the surge pricing the amount they are paid will be reflected in their earnings (supposedly). The problem with this system (I always hear couriers complain about this) was that, blitz pricing ends as quick as it arrives. So when you get the notification of a delivery during blitz pricing and you accept it you think you are getting the increased earnings. However, during the split seconds when you are deciding to accept the delivery request, blitz could change. It really happens that quick. This was an issue with the old Postmates blitz multiplier system.

Postmates Blitz Multiplier
The old Postmates blitz multiplier notifies you when “surge pricing” is in happening. However, once you accept a delivery couriers weren’t sure if they got blitz earnings because blitz change that quick.

Postmates Blitz Multiplier – New System

The new system isn’t much different from the old one. The key difference is now you can see blitz pricing during your specific delivery. This makes all the difference because there is no guess work involved wondering if you made blitz earnings. This simplifies the blitz process for couriers. As soon as you get a delivery request you will know right then and there whether or not blitz earnings are applied. This is a much improved and needed change to the Postmates courier app if I may say so myself.

Postmates Blitz Multiplier


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