Postmates Interesting Stories

Everyday on the Internet somebody comes up with one of those amazing stories, but how many of them are actually true? Lauren Ledford was involved in one of those stories a few days ago. She received a four-page letter on her doorstep in Redondo Beach, California, after she didn’t leave a tip for a Postmates driver. Here…

Postmates Welcomes Succes

 More and more people are starting to use Postmates nowadays. Not only is it cheaper, but it is very convenient as well. Here is a short video from CBS13 explaining how Postmates works and its efficience: 

Bella Hadid promotes Postamtes

Bella Hadid is the new Postmates promoter

Bella Hadid has recently promoted Postmates through her Instagram account with an intriguing post. To share her own Postmates code (BELLA 50) she used one of her pics with Givenchy shopping bags and one of the hottest accesories out there: a tray of deviled eggs. “Postmates is the best! I love ordering food on my…

Postmates Layoff

Postmates Laid Off Multiple People

Postmates, an on-demand delivery startup, laid off multiple people holding “community manager” titles in cities across the US today, BuzzFeed News has learned. A source close to the company told BuzzFeed News that about 30 people lost their jobs. In an emailed statement, senior vice president of operations Russell Cook said he was “thankful” for…