How do I set up my direct deposit and receive my earnings?

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Once your account is activated, sign in to your Fleet Dashboard here and link your bank account.

Add Your Bank Account

Postmates requires a transactional bank account—an account that support both deposits and withdraws—in order to deposit your earnings. Prepaid cards or online accounts, such as PayPal are not supported.

To get started, you’ll need to have youraccount and routing number.


  1. Sign in to Account & Settings > Bank Accounts.
  2. Enter the following information: theaccount holder’s name, the routing number, and account number.  You can find this information listed at the bottom of your checks, or you can contact your bank to confirm this information.
  3. Click Verify.

Bank Account Requirements:

  • The bank account must be a checking account that allows direct deposit
  • The bank account must be in your name
  • The bank account must be in good standing (not overdrawn, no holds, no levies)
  • Savings accounts and joint accounts will be rejected
  • Social Security Number entered at signup must match Social Security number that the bank has on file

Check Your Bank Verification Status

After you’ve entered your bank information, Postmates will deposit .01 cent and withdraw .01 cent from your account. This is how we verify your account is transactional and can support deposits. This is not a charge.

How long will it take to verify my bank account?

The entire verification can take about 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Postmates is unable to speed up this process. Please also keep in mind that if you try editing this information it will restart the verification process.

What do I do if my bank verification is pending?

If your bank account verification is pending, wait the full 7 business days. While you’re waiting to the verification process to complete, you can continue to complete deliveries. Your earnings will remain in your Postmates balance and will be sent once your account has finished the verification process.