Driving for Postmates

Driving For Postmates

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Driving For Postmates

Driving for Postmates has its pros and its cons just like any other vehicle choice when you become a Postmates courier and it’s not as easy just to end the risks are a lot more for drivers than bikers or walkers. I’ll explain this in a minute. Bikers, for example, have the benefit of weaving through traffic and cars and in some cases stop lights (it depends on your state laws and regulations). Even though technically speaking a car is faster than a bike when you add in the elements of a busy city, a bike is much quicker to do a delivery with very little hassle. The con of being a bike courier is, depending on the order and whether or not you have sufficient equipment, carrying larger orders can be hard to balance. You have to also think about those long steep hills (going down and up). Another con is the bad drivers in your city. Especially in New York City where patience is not a virtue. I was working at a grocery delivery company and the driver of the truck was just not having a good day and very unfocused. A bike courier came passing by and not seeing the courier made a turn right into the courier’s path. Needless to say, he flew off his bike, luckily he was not on his way to make a delivery. Pedestrian couriers or often called within the courier community the “walker” has far less of a distant to travel than bikers and drivers.  The con about being a walker is you have to endure all of the weather elements on top of being physically fit to walk miles per day.

Driving For Postmates
Driving For Postmates, What are the benefits? – PostmatesCourier.com

Driving For Postmates – Pros & Cons

Now that I discussed the biker and walker pros and cons succinctly its time to talk about the pros and cons of driving for Postmates. Driving for Postmates offer one of the best benefits of the 3 vehicle choices and that the ability to sit comfortably in your car and wait for a delivery. Bikers and walkers sometimes have this odd little feeling every once in a while where we have to find a public place and just wait. People may find that a little creepy and if it’s cold outside you have to either stand outside or go inside a Starbucks for some coffee or some other shop, which can be an inconvenience if you are doing this every day. The driver does not have this problem. They sit in their car warm,  possibly playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds to kill some time until they get their delivery request. The driver also has the advantage of being able to charge their phone from the phone jack. Another benefit driving for Postmates is that even when you are not waiting you are sitting down 90% of the time not using much of any muscle. Your awareness has to be a little more than bikers and a lot more than walkers but you are pretty comfortable the whole time. The con of driving for Postmates is parking. Looking for parking and parking correctly while doing Postmates is the #1 complaint  (or tied with not knowing your endpoint) most individuals have when driving for Postmates. Walkers can walk practically anywhere.

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Bike couriers also can park anywhere as long as there’s a place to lock up their bike. Drivers, nope. You will definitely come across a situation where you are on your way delivering the order to the customer but there is no parking space available. Leaving you with 2 options 1) Park illegally and hopefully, the traffic cop isn’t around and the customer answers right away or 2) You have to park about 4 blocks down and take that 4 block walk to the customer. Postmates started to pay for drivers tickets just as long as it wasn’t an illegally parked ticket but as with many other things, Postmates changed that. There have been a few complaints about the amount spent on gas, but I guess that depends on what you are driving. The other major as I mentioned drivers have is not being able to know beforehand where the delivery is. Postmates did this because of drivers n the past looked at where the delivery was going and made a decision whether or not they would accept the order. Now, Postmates has taken that option away leaving many drivers upset. Driving for Postmates also gives you the advantage of working longer hours than a bike or walking. I know a Postmates courier who started working at 10 in the morning and stopped working until 2 the following morning. You cannot pull that off with a bike or walking as it would be physically challenging.

Driving For Postmates – Conclusion

Driving for Postmates

Ultimately I think driving for Postmates is the best option of the 3 choices. Sometimes, however, you may want to switch things up and just walk one day or bike the next day, but as my main choice of vehicle, I personally think the benefits of driving is the better choice. As a Postmates courier, you are already in control of your schedule on deciding when you want to work and for how long.  Driving with Postmates allow you to work smarter not harder.

Driving For Postmates – Video


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