Day Without Immigrants

Day Without Immigrants – A Customer’s Response

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A Postmates customer’s response to a Day WIhout Immigrants. For all of you that were not aware president Donald Trump issues a “Immigration Ban” that wouldn’t allow foreigners into our country. There has been protest world wide ever since. The ban has now been revoked by the supreme court but Donald Trump insist on finding a way to ban immigrants. The “Day Without Immigrants” protest was one of many responses to Donald Trump to show him how America would be effected without immigrants.

You probably already knew this and I just wasted 5 minutes writing this but its just a formality just in case you were living under a rock.

Below is a Postmates customer response on Twitter after ordering many items on Postmates just to find out Postmates took part in the “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

Day Without Immigrants
A Customers Complaint