Create a 5-Star Experience

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Pro tips for delighting customers and maximizing tips.

“Hi, I’m Your Postmate”
Good communication with customers is important to creating a 5-star experience and maximizing tips.

Call or Text
It can be helpful to communicate to customers if an issue comes up. We recommend introducing yourself and reaching out if:

  • An item is unavailable and a substitution is needed
  • There’s been a delay in the order due to severe traffic or merchant hold-ups
  • You’re having trouble finding the customer at the drop-off

In Person
Presentation counts when it comes to satisfied customers and tips.
We recommend:

  • Keeping items in the hot/cold bag until they are ready for customers
  • Saying a friendly thank you to add a personal touch

Fast Deliveries, Happy Customers
Head straight to the pickup and straight to the drop-of when making deliveries to ensure customers get their items as fast as possible and maximize your earning potential.
Pro tips:

  • Don’t forget to click Start Pickupand Start Drop-off before navigating to the correct location
  • Use Google Maps or Waze for accurate turn-by-turn navigation right in the Fleet app
  • Hand the items to your customer at their front door

The Shopping List
Picking up at merchants is one of the most important parts of being a Postmate. We recommend:

  • Triple checking the shopping list and grabbing napkins, condiments, and utensils
  • Contacting the customer if an item isn’t available to ask for a substitution – call and text
  • Marking items as unavailable if you are unable to contact the customer

I Need Help!
Our support team is here to help you 24/7 if an issue arises on a delivery.

Requesting Support
Click on the Help button and select Request Support for any pickup or drop-of related issues (ex: Postmates card gets denied at the merchant). Once you request, sit tight until our Support team is able to help you.

Can’t finish the delivery? Can’t find the customer?
Contact support and our team can cancel the delivery, ensuring customers have a better experience and helping to make sure your ratings stay high.

If you accidentally click Finish Delivery, just click the X in the top left corner to go back.