postmates blocked

Blocked from using Fleet App

Has anyone had problems being locked out of the Fleet app? I’ve been trying to register but I get stopped at this screen.  I haven’t received an email for additional information and support hasn’t answered my tickets. Surely it can’t be this difficult to become a courier.

San Francisco Courier

San Francisco Courier Service

  San Francisco Courier Service There are many San Francisco Courier Services out but none quite revolutionary as Postmates. Postmates is a San Francisco Courier Service that allows just the everyday person to become a delivery courier and bring you your items within 1 hour time. Postmates also offer several free products and deals from different restaurants regularly as a…

postmates contact

Postmates Contact

Postmates Contact Every now and again you will come across a situation (or engage in a situationship as I like to call it) when doing a delivery. There are plenty of methods to cancel an order and recently the update allows us Postmates couriers to contact the customer before the order and during the drop-off. Sometimes…