Can I change my vehicle?

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Yes, you can change your vehicle type right from the app, although please keep in mind that not all modes of transportation are supported in all markets.

To change your vehicle in the app:

  1. Anytime you’re offline,
  2. Go to Account Settings,
  3. Choose between Bicycle, Car, Foot,Motorcycle, Scooter, Truck, or Van
  4. Tap Confirm Vehicle to save.


If you signed up as a cyclist or walker, and would like to switch to a motor vehicle, tap ‘Add Motor Vehicle’. Next, input your driver’s license and insurance information, and consent to a Motor Vehicle Report. This process might take a day or two, so check your email for updates.

If the app says you’re in a car, stick to a car. If you’re walking, lace up your shoes and hit the pavement. We want everyone to be able to change vehicle settings, but the system will only work if we stick to our settings.