Accepting & Completing Deliveries

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Postmates will send you new delivery request within the Postmates Fleet app while you are Online. After you’ve accepted a customer’s request, we will automatically keep them updated of your arrival time. 



Phase 1: Accepting Delivery Request

You’ll be alerted at the bottom of your screen when a new delivery request becomes available. When the request appears, simply tap Accept.


Phase 2: Going to the Pickup Location

Before you head to the pickup address, tapStart Pickup.

The quickest route will be shown on your in-app route but you can use your preferred navigation app by tapping on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Phase 3: Picking Up Orders and Paying

When you arrive at the pickup address, the order will either already be placed by Postmates or you may need to place the order yourself. It will let you know if an order is prepaid or not. Postmates will automatically load your PEX Card with enough funds if you need to pay for the order.

Note: You must use your Postmates PEX Card to pay for orders. Postmates will not reimburse any order amounts paid for in cash or on personal credit card(s).

Picking up orders that were already placed.

  1. Tap Shopping List to view the order.
  2. Pick up all of the items in Shopping List, and check off items in the order. 
  3. Use your PEX Card to complete the purchase if the order requires payment.
  4. Take a clear photo of the entire receipt. If the receipt is doesn’t fit in the frame, feel free to take multiple pictures. 
  5. Enter in the total order amount. 

Placing the order at the restaurant. 

  1. Tap Shopping List to view the order.
  2. Mark each item as available or unavailable you place the order.
  3. Pick up all of the items shown on the Shopping List. 
    If an item that the customer ordered is unavailable, you may need to contact them for a substitution. You can contact the customer by tapping ‘Help’ on the delivery screen then you will be given the option to call or message.
  4. Use your PEX Card to complete the purchase.
  5. Take a clear photo of the entire receipt. If the receipt is doesn’t fit in the frame, feel free to take multiple pictures. 
  6. Type in the total $ amount for the order.


Phase 4: Completing Pick Up and Starting Drop Off

After you’ve confirmed that you have all of the items order, tap Start Drop Off and head to the customer.


Phase 5: Dropping Off the Order

  1. The customer gets a notification when you’ve arrived at the drop-off.
  2. When you’re handing off the items, make sure that you’re delivering it to the customer by greeting them with their name. 
  3. Once you’ve left the customer’s location, complete the delivery in your app by tapping Finish Delivery after the delivery has completely been delivered to the customer.
  4. Let us know how your delivery went by providing feedback. Whether it was an awesome delivery or a so-so delivery, we want to know so we can continuously improve! 

If you accidentally click finish before you’re ready, you can still go back from the rating screen. Just press the X on the top left corner of the screen. If you proceed past this screen, you will lose