A Tip For Postmates Couriers That Mainly Work on The Busiest Days And During Blitz

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Tips For Postmates Courier’s On a Slow Day


I’m going to start by saying this specific tip is for bike couriers and walkers. Some of us have part-time and full-time jobs besides Postmates. So we choose not to work long hours doing Postmates with the exception on the busiest days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have found a tip that works actually pretty well. 


  1. Start postmating at 8:00. Starting early in the morning will be slow at times but your order is usually light and you still make base pay. Another reason why it’s a great time to start Postmates is because most people are trying to hurry to work, so they don’t have time to pick up breakfast and try to beat the traffic. Also, the orders are usually light orders.
  2. As always be in a busy part of town, usually downtown or where there are a lot of businesses.
  3. Try to hang near popular businesses that serve customers breakfast or coffee. I personally stand near Starbucks and I have gotten consecutive ping request for Starbucks.
  4. Pay attention to Postmates special offerings and promotions. Postmates often give out special deals and promotions to its customers like “Free Mcflurry”. So obviously many people are going to take up on that deal so hanging around a Mcdonalds would be a smart idea. 

I hope this help, even if it just a little. STARBUCKS IS A SURE THING IN THE MORNING!